PJMS – Professional Job Management System

PJMS  is an advanced task management application. With advanced features such as email auto task creation (with detailed field mapping), Smart Phone applications, Quoting, Order and  Project Management.

Customer Details

Maintain your Prospect, Customers and Customer Sites using PJMS

  • Prospects – Customers you have quoted, but no work has been performed. this helps keeps your active customer database clean.
  • Customer Sites – Customer you do work for on behalf of another customer. This allows for the site to become a potential customer.

Supplier Details

Maintain your suppliers for Purchase Orders, External Contractor Work and Tenders.


Build simple or detailed quotes.

Quote items can allow calculation to be stored behind what the customer sees. Keep your quote information simple for the customer but provide a work break down internally.


Keep track of all quotes and tasks related to a project.


Advanced dashboards to help you keep on top of all tasks

  • Task document and photographs
  • Raise purchase orders and send off tenders
  • Complete check lists (eg Take 5)
  • Complete time sheets

Purchase Orders

Maintain purchase orders with suppliers or external contractors.


Send tenders to Suppliers and External Contractors

Risk Management

Risk incidents

Other Features

Advanced Search

PJMS Provides an advanced search feature.


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Mobile Application

PJMS Mobile allows staff to view task information, clock on and off, and capture customer signature.


Access to PJMS Mobile requires a licensed instance of PJMS